door access control

 A typical installation is for an audio door intercom system which  provides a two way conversation from your front door to a suitable  location(s) within your home.  No need to open your door to strangers –  you can vet all callers from the safety of your kitchen or any other  location in your home or even via your mobile phone! 

 We can also install video intercom systems where the caller appears on  the screen in the house, so you can be sure that the caller is who they  claim to be.  A further advancement on this type of door intercom is to  connect the system to your mobile phone so that the person at the front  door will appear on your mobile phone using your home network  connection.  So, whether you are in the property or not, you can answer  the door to anyone who knocks. 

We also install Ring door bells and security lights so please fell free to get in contact with us for a no obligation quote.

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